The Mystic Faith

Nothing less than a grace of Almighty, ‘The Mystic Faith – for a drop of nectar’ for the most is the pictorial book written by Shri Manoj Thakkar and Jayesh Rajpal based on the bathing festival of Kumbh, a compilation of one of the most beautiful images of the Kumbh. Its text lends an enchanting overview of the many aspects of Akhadas, Anis, Sadhus and festival of Kumbh.Buy Now


Ghor is that which frightens, which leads to fear. All the delusionary activities of the world be it happiness or sorrow, old age or sickness, tension, pride over one’s body, or the fear of death, all are but ghor. But once an ascetic gains this knowledge that death is but an illusion, and through practice rids himself of it, then the inner energy pushes him onto that divine path, which through Shakti’s grace leads to the Aghor form of Lord Shiv, the calmest, most natural, simple and welfare generating form of Shiv. for one.Buy Now

Kashi Marnanmukti

Kashi Marnanmukti , a Hindi philosophical novel based on spiritual journey of a Chandaal is written by Shri Manoj Thakkar and Rashmi Chhazed. The story is based on the life of its protagonist ‘Maha’ who in course of his spiritual journey to find his Guru, finds enlightenment and touches the height of divinity.Buy Now

J Krishanamurti

As we said, a mind that is afraid, do what it will, will have no love whatsoever; and without love you can not construct a new world. Without love there can be no oasis, And you, as a human bieng, have created this social structure in which you are caught. To break away from that - and you have to break from it completely - you have to understand your self, just to observe your self as you actually are. Then out of that clarity comes action. And then you will find out for yourself a diffrent way of living, a way of life which is not repetitive, which is not conforming, which is not imitating, a life which is really free and therefore a life that opens a door to something which is beyond all thought.

News Headlines

Aug 13, 2017

नेपाल के पशुपतिनाथ मंदिर जैसा तिल्लौर खुर्द में बनेगा सर्वेश्वर महादेव मंदिर

July 29, 2017

अघोरी का विमोचन

पद्म भूषण पंडित छन्नू लाल मिश्र कई वर्सों पश्चात इंदौर शहर में अघोरी - ए बायोग्रािफकल नावेल का विमोचन करने आए हुए थे, इस अवसर पर पंडित जी ने ठुमरी, चैती, भजन, गजरी एवं अपने गायन से सबको ऐसा मंत्रमुग्ध किया मानो भोलेनाथ के मंदिर में उनकी साधना हो रही हो| श्रोताओं से उनका सीधा संवाद व उनकी सरलता सभी को आनंदित एवं प्रेरित कर गई| अघोर - शिव का अत्यंत शांत एवं कल्याणकारी स्वरुप, ये कहना था पंडित छन्नूलाल मिश्र का जोिक अघोरी पुस्तक के विमोचन के लिए लम्बे अवसर के बाद शहर में उपिस्थत हुए।....Read More

Feb 02, 2017

For boundless peace, good deeds along with glory necessary

Said Shri Jagdamba Prasad Sati, retired Dharmadhikari of the holy Badrinath Dham, Uttarakhand, during a program held on the occasion of Basant Panchami at the under-construction site of the Pashupatinath Temple at Tillor Khurd Village. During the address Shri J P Sati said, “A glorious landmark is being built here in the form....
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