A learned thinker and writer on philosophical and spiritual subjects, Shri Manoj Thakkar, has authored three books namely Pran Kavya - Ek Abhivyakti, a philosophical rendering of the popular Madhushala; Kashi Marnanmukti, a widely appreciated and awarded spiritual novel; and The Mystic Faith – For a Drop of Nectar, a pictorial reference book on the bathing festival of Kumbh.

Saints and mahatmas who have read Kashi Marnanmukti shower their blessings and honour upon him, are astonished to know that it’s been written at his age, and call him a householder renunciant and Kashi Marnanmukti a modern day Upanishad; extremely learned and qualified masters of their fields consider him to be a true guru; and those close to him see a modern day saint in him whose guise is his dressing like a man of the times, and to them he is an unceasing source of strength and guidance.

The cause of youth in the nation is extremely close to his heart and his inspirational work of uniting a large team of young entrepreneurs has led to the founding of United Works Corporation, a diversified business group based at Indore, though he dons no executive or commercial role in the same.