To undertake social work around the temple with the temple as the centre of gravity.

India lives in its religiosity. Its heritage is to be primarily found in its philosophy and spirituality. The Indian mind is genetically blessed with spiritual thoughts. The years of progress that the country has seen have given rise to a large population of youth with increasing economic strength. And yet this youth is not satisfied only with material pursuits but is keen to participate in humanitarian activities that lead to spiritual upliftment.

It is important to direct this search and strengthen the spirit of youth for the social, cultural, economic and spiritual growth of our country. What we often lack is a clear platform to do good to the society and humanity. Shiv Om Sai Trust is trying to play its part towards this end.

Since eternity that Almighty whom we call by many names has been creating, preserving and destroying, and again creating, this incomprehensibly vast universe and everything in it and outside, and continues to do so endlessly. We too are one with Him, and so if we too keep creating, then it shall be partaking in His work alone.