The Mystic Faith

Author: Manoj Thakkar & Jayesh Rajpal

The festival of Kumbh is an ambassador to the world of our numerous traditions and culture, and also of our faith collectively as a nation in the innumerable hidden meanings behind their centuries long existence during these times of ephemeralness, and this book is but an interpretation of one those many likely meanings, an attempt to bring forth that meaning whose indication is the very basis of their existence. The Mystic Faith – For a Drop of Nectar, for the most part, is a pictorial book based on the bathing festival of Kumbh, a compilation of one of the most beautiful images of the Kumbh of 2013 held at Allahabad, with all the images, apart from presenting the varied faces of the Kumbh, reflecting that mystic faith, that single most powerful theme, which makes the unique Kumbh festivity what it is. The book, through its text, lends an enchanting overview of the many aspects of the festival of Kumbh, the astrological and mythological aspect, the philosophical aspect, and endeavours, to an extent possible, to brief its reader of the many participants of the Kumbh and its many traditions and history. Though not a professional photographer, Shri Manoj Thakkar believes that these images came as a grace of the Lord and considers the book to be a blessing upon him.

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