Author: Manoj Thakkar, Jayesh Rajpal & Nupur Agrawal.

Ghor is that which frightens, which leads to fear. All the delusionary activities of the world be it happiness or sorrow, old age or sickness, tension, pride over one’s body, or the fear of death, all are but ghor. But once an ascetic gains this knowledge that death is but an illusion, and through practice rids himself of it, then the inner energy pushes him onto that divine path, which through Shakti’s grace leads to the Aghor form of Lord Shiv, the calmest, most natural, simple and welfare generating form of Shiv.
The spiritual practice of an Aghori commences from the cremation ground as it is the cremation ground that a human being fears the most, and an Aghori chooses the cremation ground to become fearless. To throw away fear, disgust and shame from his mind is the spiritual practice of an Aghori, and living ghor to its utmost, to travel from ghor to Aghor is his spiritual journey.
Baba Matsyendragiri’s story is an extraordinary and unforgettable journey of a world full of exceeding austerities, spiritual practices and miracles, soul gratifying wisdom and a life dedicated to attaining the self. An Aghori always keeps his spiritual powers and identity hidden. Baba Matsyendragiri though chose to partially reveal his life story to rid people of the constricted vision of Aghor and Aghoris. This indeed is an account of the life of a rare Aghori practioner.

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Publisher Trident Books

Released 2017

Language English

Binding Paperback

Edition 1st Edition

ISBN-10 8191092769

ISBN-13 9788191092769

Pages 288

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