Madhya Pradesh Ke Pramukh Van Vraksh

Author: Dr. K.K. Khanna, Dr. V.B.Deeanji, Dr. R.L.S. Sikarwar, Dr. P.C. Dubey, Dr. Arjun Tivari

Madhya Pradesh Ke Pramukh Van Vraksh – There are around 214 species of trees in Madhya Pradesh. Since many years lot of research works have been done in exploring these important species. The book contains the images of its leafs, flower, seeds, etc along with their regional name, scientific names and their relationship with their breed and family. It is hoped that the book will prove to be very helpful for people in general and specially for those who belong to this field of work. This book can always be a part of good collection for one.

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Publisher Shiv Om Sai Prakashan

Released June, 2013

Language Hindi

Binding Hard Cover

Edition 1st Edition

ISBN-10 8191092738

ISBN-13 9788191092738

Pages 215

Price in (Rs.) 450